FoxEd - Makes screen design a doddle.


FoxEd is the graphical screen designer for FoxGUI. Drag and drop controls from the tool box onto your forms then change the attributes using the attributes window. Finally save your screen set and let FoxEd create all of the code for you.

The FoxEd screen will open in any screen mode you want it to. On the left of the screen is the toolbox (shown left) containing all of the FoxGui controls. A window tool (the control at the top of the toolbox) can be dragged from the tool box and dropped on the screen to open a window. Any of the other tools can then be dragged from the toolbox into the window to create controls where you drop them.

Once you have created your control, you can use drag/drop to pick the control up and move it around the window until it's exactly where you want it or even drop it into a different window.

You can resize the control by first clicking on it (which will cause a small white square to appear at the bottom right hand corner of the object - this can be seen on the tick box in the screen below) and then dragging the white square until the control is the size you want it.

The screen shown below shows the FoxEd screen after a window and tick box have been created. Note that the Objects window on the top right shows the new window in the list and that the Properties window on the bottom right now shows all of the properties of the new tick box. Resizing or moving the window or the tick box will cause the properties to be automatically updated with the new values. Alternatively, any property of the window or the tick box can be modified by first clicking on the object, then clicking on the list box in the Properties window and then changing the value there. The change will automatically be reflected in the object itself.

FoxEd will allow you to save and load screen sets and will automatically generate C code which will call the FoxGui functions necessary to completely create your screen set - no more manually calculating the positions of all your controls!

Unfortunately FoxEd will only run on Amigas with Intuition version 37 and above. FoxGUI itself (including any code generated with FoxEd) will continue to run on all Amigas.

You can download FoxEd from the FoxEd-download page.

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