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Welcome to the download page for FoxGUI. If you haven't already been there, you should read the About FoxGUI page first before continuing.

For those of you still here, you obviously want to download your free copy of FoxGUI.

FoxGui is in the form of a .library file that links to your executables at run time. The archive contains the FoxGUI.library file, the FoxGui.h and FoxGuiPragma.h header files to include in your FoxGui programs and the documentation for FoxGUI. The documentation can be downloaded seperately if you prefer. The list below shows when each file was last updated.

FoxGui.h Last updated on 10 Apr 2000
FoxGuiPragma.h Last updated on 02 Feb 2000
FoxGui.library Last updated on 12 Jul 2001 Last updated on 08 Jul 2001

There is now also an example programs archive. If you have written any useful FoxGui programs which you would like to have included in the archive then please let me know! The archive contains source only. You should feel free to cut and paste source from the programs into your own FoxGUI applications. The examples archive has not been updated since release 5.0.

If you are looking for example FoxGUI programs to download (without source) then you should go to the samples page.

If you want to modify FoxGUI to suit your own needs then you can download the source code. Please note that the source code along with any changes you make to it is freely redistributable according to the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License, a copy of which is enclosed in the source archive. In order to compile the source unmodified you will need SAS/C 6.58 (FoxGUI uses some SAS/C library funtions), the standard Amiga header files, "dmake" (a "make" replacement which can be downloaded from Aminet) and the header files for iffparse.library.

Download the
FoxGUI libraries
& documentation

Download just
the Documentation

Download the
source code

Download example
program source

Unfortunately, my service provider (CiXIP) doesn't provide anonymous FTP so rather than prefix these file with ftp: I've prefixed them with http: so that browsers which are clever enough to tell that these are not html files will download them for you. Other browsers may not be so clever in which case you may have to ask someone else to download them for you. Alternatively you can download FoxGUI from Aminet although the version there may not always be the latest.

I make every effort to ensure that if the libraries are used correctly, they will not crash your system or do any other damage. No release is made without first running all of my example FoxGUI programs while enforcer and mungwall are checking that the system is clean. If there are any known bugs in the current release, they will be documented as soon as they are found. For my own protection, I would like to add that:

The author will not be liable for any damage arising from the failure of this program to perform as described, or any destruction of other programs or data residing on a system attempting to run the program. While the author knows of no damaging errors, the user of this program uses it at his or her own risk.

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