FoxGUI - A powerful development tool for your Amiga

What's new?

  • July 2001: Version 5.1 of FoxGui is released complete with source code! Includes: Informative icons on GuiMessage windows, font sensitive buttons and output boxes.
  • December 1999: Version 5.0 of FoxGui is released as a shared library on a competely re-designed website to go with the new domain.
    - I would like to thank Simon Champion (a FoxGUI user) for all his hard work in putting it together. If you like the site and think you'd like one made for you by Simon then drop him an Email at
  • September 1999: FoxySoft has a new web address.
    - Please change your browser to point to
  • May 1999: FoxGUI 4.7 released.
    - This includes new events for windows - DISKIN and DISKOUT which trigger your event function when disks are inserted or removed and many bug fixes to the RemoveTCItem function. Please see the download page to get your copy!
  • February 1999: FoxGUI 4.6 released.
    - This includes new flags for determining whether the hilighted item will change when scrolling list boxes and tree controls and a couple of new useful functions GuiTextLength() and ReplaceTCItem(). FoxEd has also been updated to support the new flags and make use of tree controls.
  • December 1998: FoxGUI 4.5 released.
    - This includes a Tree Control and functions to support it. There are also a few minor bug fixes for list boxes.
  • May 1998: FoxGUI 4.4 released.
    - Includes: New functions for enabling and disabling frames, the ability to create borderless frames and improvements to frame dragging, improvements to the look and feel of listboxes and some new functions to use with them, new functions for the display database and tickboxes and many minor bug fixes.
  • December 1997: FoxGUI 4.3 released.
    - Includes: New events for Windows and List boxes, new menu functions, new window types, new functions for list boxes, new functions for handling the display database and minor bug fixes.
  • August 1997: FoxGUI 4.2 released.
    - Includes: Drag & Drop for list boxes, frames and windows, improvements to the way that scroll bars on list boxes are handled, list box double click event and minor bug fixes.
  • June 1997: FoxGUI 4.1 released.
    - Includes: Multi-threading, a new function to allow you to set your Gui pen colours from those used on a public screen, improvements to the look and feel of tab controls, corrections to the documentation and a few minor bug fixes.
  • April 1997: FoxGUI 4.0 released.
    - Includes: Ability to add intuition gadgets to FoxGui windows (effectively enabling you to create your own gadgets and have them interact with FoxGui). Recompiled all of the code using SAS/C 6.51 so that it no-longer requires the old lc.lib and lcm.lib libraries to be linked with it (sc.lib and scm.lib are required instead but most people will have these).
  • January 1997: FoxGUI 3.0 released.
    - Includes: Tab controls. Timer controls (which trigger a specified function at regular intervals). The ability to create controls inside frames. The ability to hide (and re-show) any control. Edit boxes and drop-down list boxes can be "clear". Custom borders attached to buttons and frames are now resized automatically if the button or frame resizes. A menu-item can now be removed from a menu without rebuilding the entire menu structure. New functions have been added which work on any control type (Hide(), Show(), EnableControl(), DisableControl(), GetWindow(), Destroy()) so you no-longer have to remember different function names for each control. A "refresh" parameter has been added to the SetOutputBoxCols() function. The TickBoxValue() function has been fixed.
  • August 1996: FoxGUI 2.0 released.
    - Includes: Support for all AGA screen modes and interlace screens. Resizing of windows (including resizing and positioning controls within them). Ilbm images can now be attached to buttons or frames. Popup lists and sub list boxes can now be asked to work out how wide they should be to save you the trouble of working it out yourself! and more... (There are some bugfixes too - most notably in the area of font handling). Thanks to Cas for his efforts in testing and to all those who gave me good ideas, some of which are now on the to-do list below.
  • July 1996: New release.
    - Added and documented a progress bar control. Added a new flag and some new parameters to the OpenGuiWindow() function for handling window resizing. Added the ability to position push-buttons relative to the bottom and right of windows.
  • July 1996: New release.
    - Completed the documentation. Added support (and documentation) for Radio buttons. Improved the way that buttons are disabled and enabled. Minor efficiency improvements.
  • July 1996: New release.
    - About 20 more functions documented. Slight changes to the GuiMessage function so that it now takes one fewer parameter (but since it hasn't been documented yet you probably won't have used it!)
  • July 1996: New release.
    - Five more functions documented in FoxGui.lib now responds to the Amiga "Version" command. The GuiFree() macro now detects (and prevents) freeing of the same allocation twice as long as the FAST_MALLOCS option hasn't been selected.
  • July 1996: First upload.

What's next?

And here's a list of what's planned for the near future. It's in priority order but the priorities are subject to change so if there's something that you want really urgently that's not near the top of the list (or isn't on the list at all!) then let me know and I'll see what I can do.

New border styles for frames.
Pop-up menus.
A C++ O/O interface to all objects.

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