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This is the place to find out all about FoxGUI - the fast, friendly, flexible, free Amiga GUI system.

New - FoxGUI 5.1 uploaded on 14th July 2001! Download it here

The wait for the latest version of FoxGUI has been a long one so what you'll be wanting to know is was it worth the wait? Well this release is really two releases in one. Firstly there are the usual improvements to the standard FoxGUI/FoxED package. You can read all about these on the what's new? page. But also, for those of you who want to, you can now download the entire FoxGUI source code and modify it to suit your needs! What's more, as long as you stick to the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (a copy of which can be downloaded with the source code) you are free to send your modified version on for use by other people or distrubute it with the source to your own applications!

So why make this change now? Well, I'm doing less and less development on the Amiga these days now that I'm also running Linux and Windows machines at home but the main reason is that I'm about to have a baby and I strongly suspect that I will have even less time for Amiga programming as a result. The logical thing for me to do was open-source the project and allow it to live on if people want it to. I hope that people do take up the challenge. If there is enough interest, once in a while I will compile a new version of FoxGUI including a range of changes made by other people into an "official" release. Otherwise future releases are likely to be few and far between.

For a full list of the new features in version 5.1, see the documentation which can be downloaded either with the full development kit or seperately.

FoxEd (the graphical screen designer for FoxGUI) has been upgraded to make use of the new features of FoxGUI 5.1 and can be downloaded here!

If you've been here before and you already know all about FoxGUI then you can find out about the latest developments by looking at the what's new? page. If not, you can browse through the following pages where you can read all about FoxGUI, see screen grabs of FoxGUI applications, download the latest FoxGUI development libraries, documentation and example code, download sample FoxGUI programs to see what it's all about or join the mailing list.

I don't anticipate having the time or inclination to update this page very often. Any updates to FoxGUI will, however, be posted here and will be listed on the what's new? page.

FoxGUI was written (and is owned by) me, Simon Fox (Foxysoft) and is the product of six years hard work. Let's hope I'm not too late!

If you have any questions regarding FoxGUI, any suggestions for new features or how to improve existing ones, you have a bug to report (let's hope not) or you just want to get in touch, please visit the contact page

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