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FoxGui was written because I wanted to write a program which would roll-up characters for my favourite role-playing game (RPG) Rolemaster. If you know anything about Rolemaster you'll know that it takes quite a long time to roll-up a character - all those tables! Well, having started to write the program (in C of course) I discovered how often I was cutting and pasting code from one area to another to do something simple like open a window, make a button, add a menu item etc and I decided it would be much better if I wrote standard functions to do this for me. That was how FoxGui started and became a seperate entity from the Rolemaster programs I was writing. The GUI has changed a lot over the last five years and has become a much bigger project than the Rolemaster programs ever were. Here is the latest version of one of the Rolemaster programs (the one for rolling-up characters). Even if you don't play Rolemaster, the program is worth downloading because it is a good example of the features of FoxGui and will give you a feel for the FoxGui interface. Check out the drop-down list boxes, the file requester (which looks like the standard ASL file requester but is available even on a lowly unexpanded A500), the edit boxes, tick boxes, menus and especially the new tab control. I hope you like it!

Another useful Amiga utility is the "Amiga File Viewer". Read about it here.

Unfortunately, my service provider (CiXIP) doesn't provide anonymous FTP so rather than prefix this file with ftp: I've prefixed it with http: so that browsers which are clever enough to tell that this is not an html file will download it for you. Other browsers may not be so clever in which case you may have to ask someone else to download it for you or FTP it from Aminet.

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